Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quick Photo

I found this photo taken by Dunn Photography from the Mud Run and I just love it.  It shows you a part of the course, towards the end that was the most fun.  After all the hard stuff, the sticky, get stuck, crying kids stuff, this was fun!  The tubes at the far left are slides, you slide into a mud swamp, wade through it to go up the hill to the next slide to into yet another mud pit.  The the tire run, then through tires.  After that was another swamp with barrels that you had to climb over.  Ella took one look at this and refused to do it.  The first pit was maybe waist high on little kids and some went under shooting out of the slide.  So Ella watched from above.  But Ally tore through it and kicked my butt!!  I wish I had a picture of her smile as she was going through this!

Annual Girls Get Together Weekend

This year we headed to St. Joe for our annual Girl Get Away Weekend.  We were missing a girl; Elle had an All Star softball tournament so we missed her!  Brandi and Alia drove to our house - after lunch we drove to St. Joe.  We hung out at Elizabeth's for awhile and then decided to to out for pizza and the beach.  There was a 2.5 hour wait at the pizza place!  So we put our name in and hit the beach.  After about a hour we decided we would dry off, change and maybe go to the playground.  Well in that moment, we received a text saying that we had five minutes to claim our table!  We were a good 7 minutes away and with 5 sandy wet girls and a baby!!  Brandi took off running to the pizzeria while Elizabeth and I ran the kids, stroller and wagon to her car.  We made a towel circle, threw them all in the middle and were hastily brushing off sand an hollering to get dressed!!  We must have looked crazy!  I think it only took us 90 seconds - yes we are that good!  And off we started running to the restaurant.  Luckily we got there before they made us give our table back.  Silver Beach Pizza is the best, so everyone was happy!!
Bridget, Alia, Amelia, Ella and Alyssa
 Thinking on her goatee
 "I mustache you a question.."
 The Lorax
 Trying a deep fried pickle
 Baby Connor...poor boy!

Sweet Tilly

Meet Tilly, the sweetest beagle you'll ever meet.  This poor sweetheart and her sister were thrown out of a window of a moving car!  You can see the scars on her face.  She also has road rash all over her and a sore leg.  Tilly is the quietest, well mannered pooch.  She is completely housebroken and hates to be crated.  She prefers to sleep with Ella!  She just wants a forever home where she will be loved and treated well.  This girl has the most amazing eyes - almost as though she is trying to talk to you with them.  We love Tilly!!  She is meeting her possible adopters tonight.  Sure hope it goes well, she will be a hard one to let go!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Jayla and Farrah

Meet the newest short-term residents:
Jayla, a collie retriever mix.  Her owner had health issues and her grandson was terribly allergic to her.  I only had Jayla for a week.  Then I co-fostered her with another volunteer since I was going out of town.  While I was gone we learned that Jayla would be happier in a home without kids.  Here I thought she was just extra shy, but once she got to a home where it was just her and one adult, she was so much happier!  She was adopted to a retired couple who live on a small farm! 
Farrah, aka - My Fare-Bear!
Farrah came from Van Buren County Shelter.  She had been running as a stray in the country for several weeks between a couple of houses getting whatever food she could find.  She was eventually caught and taken to the shelter.  When no one claimed her and her time was almost up, they called KAR!  Farrah is very timid and quiet but such a sweetheart!  She is full of kisses and has a goofy way of getting your attention (by pawing at you or whining)  I could snuggle this one all day!  
She is pending adoption, I am taking her to her new forever home tomorrow night.  It will be hard to let this go.  But there is always another in need of help.  And I already know which one is coming in next....

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Final School Days

Ella's Field Day..
 The girls beat the boys at Tug of War - Four times!!!  Way to go girls!
 Alyssa with her teacher, Mrs. Keorkunian
 Best Friends
 Only in our town, does a farmer show up with a traveling zoo.  He had baby goats, a bunny, chickens and something in a box.
 Last soccer game, she had the best coach ever!  Mr. Heller

Last Day of School

Miss Taylor took off with Austin way too early on the last day for pictures!  So I am going to get one this week and pretend it was taken her last day.  Sssh, don't tell! :)

The younger ones are always about photos and love a great photo shoot, so their last day was easy to document.
Last Day of 4th Grade
 Last Day of 2nd Grade
 How does one celebrate the kick off of summer?  With left over color run packets, of course!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

10th Wedding Anniversary

Brendon and I recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!!  It's been quite a ride and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring us!  After Ally's soccer game we took off to a town just north of Muskegon called Montague.  We stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast called Amanda's Bequest.  It was in the country and certainly did not look like much.  But they were wonderful people and Valerie is an amazing cook!  Our room was adorable; the theme was 1920 Front Porch.
Valerie's pies have won awards!  And our breakfast the next morning started with pie!!  She said and I quote, "If Kellogg's can call a Pop Tart breakfast, then I can call pie breakfast!"  Now who is going to argue with that?!  It was the best pie I have never had!!
The first night we walked the pier at White Lake and had dinner at Old Channel Inn - which I do not recommend that place for dinner.  It was stuffy and the crowd was something you'd see at a Florida VFW.  But the pier was nice!
 Later we had drinks on the patio, downtown Montague - someplace with the word Harbor in it - that was a great place.  Great food, great drinks, great service...great views!
 Lighthouse on White Lake
 We took our time coming home and decided to stop in Grand Haven.
 Grand Haven Lighthouse

 It was a kite flying weekend, super fun to see all the different kites!
The weekend went much too fast but we had a great time!  A huge thank you to our niece, Jess for watching the girls so we could get away!!!

When I Grow Up....

This is hard to see, but so very sweet....

Foster for Dogs
By Alyssa

When I grow up I want to be a foster parent for dogs.
I want to help dogs that have had a hard life with people.
I want to turn dog's fears into beautiful things.
I mostly just want to help them find a better home.

Everyone once in awhile I catch a glimpse of something, and I know in that moment I am doing it right.  This is one of those moments.  I am a very proud mommy!

3rd Annual Mud Run!

The Kalamazoo Mud Run has been going on for 4 years and I am happy to say that I was in it for the third year in a row this year.  This time the girls did it with me.  Ella was pretty nervous, and quite upset to get mud under her nails!!  Ally was a demon and ready for all of it!!
 She was super excited!!
 It had rained a lot beforehand and the "mucky" mud was extra mucky.  It was so bad that there were patches of quick sand.  I got stuck once and it took two people to pull me out!  The second time all three of us got stuck!  Ally lost her shoes.  Ella started to cry and panic and I was not able to help her until I could get myself free.  I had to dig my feet out of the muck with my hands.  It was very hard!  But we did it!!
Pastor Solomon was there from Uganda and it was great to meet him.  He said that the money raised from these mud run events has given them the opportunity to drill 23 water wells in Uganda.  Each of those wells service 4,000 people daily.  Pretty cool to see that something so fun, also has a wonderful cause behind it!  Very proud of my girls!

Meet Sashi

Our newest foster dog came with a sad story.  At age 3 her owners had moved out of their house and left her locked and confined in a small kennel.  Neighbors had found the dog but sadly, they left her in the crate - while giving her food and water, they never let her out!  She spent several weeks in that crate.  Through word of mouth, a lady found out about her and took her with hopes of finding her a new home.  The lady ended up keeping her for four years.  Fast forward to earlier this month, the lady was transferred to this area from out of state rather immediately and the apartment that she rented does not allow dogs.  In the Kalamazoo area, there are several apartments that will accept dogs, but she chose one that did not.  So this sweet dog of 7 or 8 years old is once again being abandoned.  In fact, when the moved here she went to a family who has highly allergic and was made to stay outside 24/7 for 10 days.  Sashi is a sweetheart!  She's house broken and super sweet.  Other than her hair - she is the lowest maintenance dog ever.  Hopefully we will find her a loving truly forever home soon!