Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Door Signs

I don't know what brought these on but they crack me up!
Ella's door:
Alyssa's Door:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This and That

Catching up with friends!  We went to see the movie Trolls with my friend who had a huge troll collection as a kid - lots of fun!
After Halloween, Alyssa scored a new costume for next year at super great price!
Our foster Gidget.  Some butthead had her as a "Farm dog".  She was 8 pounds of fluff.  
She was a mini Sebastian - they were so cute together!!
What am I going to do with this girl?!
A little concert
These girls love their "American Girl" Dolls.  They are Target's Next Gen dolls!
A beautiful late fall day - we took a walk at the new Wolf Tree Nature Trail - It was really pretty and will go back soon!  It is only maybe two miles from our house.
Photo shoot!
 This boy.....I think he sees the stick-tights and thinks "FUN" - and puts his face all in!
 Who is this grumpy old lady?!
Cutest co-pilot on the planet!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Brian Setzer Orchestra

Mid November we went to the State Theater to see the Brian Setzer Orchestra's Christmas show.  Really helped kick start our Christmas spirit!
Wish you could HEAR how loud and good they were!
A little too much fun for this one!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Miracle Dog

Flipping through old posts, I cannot believe that I have not written about our sweet puppy fosters.  Late August our rescue took in 5 ten day old puppies that were abandoned at animal control.  Luckily someone had a mama dog who could act as a surrogate for awhile.  Unfortunately when the puppies were five weeks old, the mama started to dry up and the puppies were starting to eat soupy puppy food.  They came to live with us!  Sadly after two days we lost one to coccidia.  It was absolutely heart breaking.  We were syringe feeding and Shawn was giving him an IV and it just wasn't enough to save him.  The four were put on antibiotics for two weeks.  One was quite sick but managed to eventually get stronger.  Mostly all black with white paws, Alyssa named him Hershey.  They were all amazingly sweet little love bugs.  On my left, Hershey - at my feet Sophie and puppy Big Momma!  (She was huge and wrinkly!)  The tan one is Bean and the white nosed is Peppermint.  I could have seriously stayed in this position for the entire day!
Soon after the two weeks of antibiotics, Hershey slipped on the kitchen floor.  Like Bambi, his feet went right out from under him.  Of course it was a Friday night.  His hips seemed dis-jointed and he started walking funny.  I planned to take him the urgent care vet Saturday morning.  By morning, he wasn't standing!  Several X-rays showed nothing broken or dislocated, but it was obvious that something was wrong.  The vet did not give me anything for it - thought it was just a bruise and that it would get better.  But it didn't - it continued to get worse and worse.  By Monday my poor guy couldn't even lift his head off the floor.  It was the saddest thing I had ever seen. 
 We took him to the regular vet right away.  After blood work and more X-rays we still could not pin point the problem.  It occurred to Shawn that this all happened a couple days after stopping the antibiotics and that maybe it wasn't fall related and related to the lack of antibiotics.  The vet agreed or said that it could be muscle atrophy or a spinal damage - more of a birth defect.  They gave him two different antibiotics and a steriod.  We did hourly PT when possible, using a towel as a sling in an attempt to preserve his muscle strength.  It was suggested by the vet to put him down, but we were able to get the rescue board approval for the funding to continue treatment.  After two weeks of nothing, legs as limp as wet noodles, he started to show some push back.  Before his feet would curl under him and suddenly he was putting them down with little pressure.  We were all very encouraged, and ran him back to the vet for more meds.  He ended up on all medications for 30 days.  Hershey went from being completely paralyzed, to pushing and attempting to sit, to army crawling, to a stumbly walk, to an awkward jog, to a full out run!!
I have a bazillion in between videos - if you want to see them, just message me!
A link to Hershey's Story on the Rescue Website:  Here
Ella's Story for the Rescue page:

Written by Ella, age 11 (Hershey's foster sister)
Hershey is a amazing dog, he was abandoned when he was 10 days old! He went to animal control with his 2 sisters and brothers. When we got him he was very sick :(. When he got better he was actually getting weaker.
Poor Hershey got so weak he got paralyzed. He couldn't walk so we did some physical therapy to help him, and even though it took 2 weeks (but felt like 4) he is standing and is almost walking!
Hershey is our sweet boy, loves cuddling and is not very mouthy! Hershey is one of my favorite foster dogs!!!!

On November 11th, Hershey was adopted by the most amazing, wonderful newlywed couple.  She works from home so he gets so much love and attention.  They have stayed in touch with me and Hershey (now Clyde) is completely spoiled, happy and so loved.  This little guy stole our hearts and will be cherished in our memories as our miracle baby!  We still love and miss him but are happy beyond words that he is where he is!
Here's a couple of pictures of his litter mates:
Bean kept his name and is still Bean!  He lives in Battle Creek

 Peppermint is now Bella and lives near Detroit
Big Momma is now Daisy and she lives in Grand Rapids. Her foster is wonderful about staying in touch with me!  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall Trip to the Zoo!

As the summer came and went, we never utilized our zoo membership.  Until the second week of October.  It was a beautiful day, so the girls and I took off and had a wonderful day!
I love this one - look how they've grown!  My goodness girls, please slow down!
 I can never get a nice picture!

Ella's Birthday

Same story, different day - always behind!  I just noticed that I have not posted Ella's birthday pictures!!  She turned 11 this summer.  How is that possible?!  She is maturing into a beautiful, tender hearted young lady.
We started our day with pedicures and a manicure for Ella
 Then we had lunch together, followed by shopping!
 And a yummy strawberry cake with her cousins, Kelli and Bryce.  (Taylor was at work - she works every weekend!)
Grandma hiding in the back.  Uncle Jim was there too!
 It was a beautiful sunny day - but it made for bad photos with the windows open.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I have lived in Michigan all but two and a half years of my life and have never been to Mackinaw Island.  As a kid I walked the bridge one Labor Day but had never been to the island.  Ella has always wanted to go.  This year we had planned a camping trip and decided to add on two nights at Mackinaw beforehand.  We had a wonderful time!
It was a long drive and that 'Mighty Mac' was a glorious, welcoming site!

This lighthouse is right by the bridge
With a name like Weinerlicious, it has to be good!  And it was!  Only it was pretty pricey - $6 for a chili cheese dog!
This statue man was very cool!  Ally loved watching him!
We went to the Island for Ella's birthday.  It was pretty windy on the ferry going over!
No cars, only bikes and horses.  I loved that!
The Grand Hotel
We walked from one end to the next, we ate pounds of fudge and walked almost 18,000 steps!
3D House of Glass.  However my kids are geniuses....that's my story and I am sticking to it!  They finished in 6 minutes flat.  Fastest $20 I have ever spent!
Ella said she had a wonderful birthday!
I will continue our vacation in another post!