Sunday, June 15, 2014

Girls On The Run Is SO Much Fun!!

This year Ella was able to do Girls On The Run and I was lucky enough to be able to be the Assistant Coach.  Although her team had three coaches, I still felt very much included and lucky to be a part of it.  Ella loved it!  Mattawan had 8 teams!
Here's Ella's...
Back: Natalie, Savannah, Sydney McKenzie, Brenna
Middle: Meredith, Lauren, Ava, Maggie
Front: Julia, Ella, Sophie, Lindsey, Ella, Kiirsa
 Getting Ready to Run
 One of her BFF's Kyleigh. - we ended up running/walking together with one of Kyleigh's team mates.  Ella and Kyleigh were on different teams
 Our coaches:  Carol, Susan and Amber - and Sydney, who I truly believe someday will be a famous actress!
 Almost time to line up
 We did, the girls finished their first Girls on The Run 5K!
 I am very proud of you Ella!  You did amazing!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Semi - High School Reunion at The Zoo

Yesterday I met with three of my girlfriends from high school.  We took our kids to Binder Park Zoo.  My youngest was at a birthday party, my oldest with her dad so it was a rare 'Mom-Ella Day'.  This year marks {GASP} 20 years since we have graduated high school!!  Although not a one of us look a day over 29 ;)  I love these ladies dearly, but I gotta tell you - I am sure glad I wasn't drinking the same water they were drinking a few months ago!  You see, Kelly is 36 weeks preggo, Elizabeth - 24 and Cristi - 20.  It was the first time I have ever been the small one, hahaha!! :)
Watching the kangaroos while waiting for Kelly and Michael
They have a new black bear exhibit and inside is an Arctic blast wind tunnel.  This should be recommended for hot days, or at the end of your zoo day when you don't care what your hair looks like afterwards!
Feeding the goats
Ashton almost 3, Michael 4, Bridget 6, Amelia 8 and Ella 8
Note to self, when posing children on a cement camel, place the bigger kids in the front....not that back (Smooooosh)
Patiently waiting for the next train
All Aboard!
We had beautiful weather, great conversations and lots of fun!  Hope to do it again soon!

Beautiful Spring Day

Since I have managed to get so far behind, I have really cannot recall when this was...but I know it was the first part of spring.  It was a beautiful sunny, warm, yet cool Michigan day.  And after a long, long snowed-in winter...I had a severe case of cabin fever.  It was a Sunday morning and I decided I was going to take the girls someplace new.  Someplace different.  Someplace slightly away.  I decided on Warren Dunes State Park.  About 50 miles from here on Lake Michigan.  My husband thought I was severely 'loco'.  It was about 55 degrees, mostly sunny - but near the lake he was adamant that it would be much too cold.  I didn't care.  In case you don't know, I can be quite stubborn.  We were going anyway, with or without him.  So without, it was.  And you know what?  It was beautiful.  We packed a picnic and bundled up.  After our picnic we walked out to the lake and walked the shore.  Then it was up one of the monstrous dunes.  And eventually, about half way up, it warmed up and the layers came off!
 Short nature hike by the picnic area
 Oops, I am not so good with selfies!  Sorry Ella!
 Lake Michigan
 A small dune
 I love this's just so her!
 Cloudy, but still lovely
 Monster dune that doesn't look so monstrous from this angle, but I am telling you - it is.  Especially with Ella recovering from a bad cough, I had to nearly pull her up there.  The girls collected tiny shells along the way.
 At the top, we met a family who were flying kites.  They were kind enough to let the girls fly them for a bit.  Sadly they've never done that before, so it was a highlight of the day and I didn't take any photos!
Trying to brush off the sand..

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kids Say

I am happy to say that we have graduated from the days of the kids getting glue in their hair and coloring on walls, but these girls still say some of the funniest things!  These days they write the funniest things too! For some reason this Blogger won't load this photo correctly, but Alyssa left this note on my night stand....
"Taylor is a nut.  I like cookies.  Ella is the best sister.  The carpets are dirty.  Water is good for you.  Mom is kind."  Alyssa.  She makes me smile every single day, multiple times a day.

Actually all of my "Kids Say" notes that I keep in my phone are from Ally!
*Ally:  "God makes babies in baskets so that he doesn't hurt his knees on the floor kneeling.  When they're baskets break they're ready to be born.  But mine never broke.  That's why I was so late!"  (this girl arrived a full 2 weeks after my due date)

*"Mom Sophia ate Anna's gum right out of her mouth at school today!  Then she tried to eat an eraser.  Yeah, she's crazy.  But she lives in a cabin and was raised by squirrels!"

*While in the gym locker room, getting ready to go swimming, "Mom I have seen your boobs but its ok.  We are both girls.  But I have seen dads butt and it's gross!  It's got a big ole honk horn in the middle!"

* At an antique store.."Can we go now?  This place is creeping me out!"  Dad asks 'why?'  Allys: "Hello, have you seen the girl with no head?!"  (It was a Marilyn Monroe necklace holder that had hooks coming out where her head should be)

*"Mom does everyone in the world have nipples?"  (yes) "Really?  Everyone?  What about Europeans?  They don't, do they?"

* "If I ruled the world there would be much more blue button monkeys."

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Father Daughter Dance

Ella's first father daughter dance was this year.  This is something their school only does in the Later Elementary.  They alternate years where they either dress up and or wear themed outfits.  This year it was Red Carpet theme.
Ella's new dress...
 The dance was very close to Valentines Day, so Ally dressed up in support.  Her and I had a girls night in and played games and baked cookies :)
 A picture of a picture - taken at the dance.  Brendon said she did run off with her friends but came back to dance with him a couple of times.  Luckily some of the other dads are musicians as well, and he knows them quite well.  I have often heard you never been ditched as fast by your daughter until you take them to the father daughter dance!  Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Two Months?!

Where does the time go?  I know I have been neglecting this blog but I had no idea it has been over two months!  So many memories lost!  Since I keep this mostly for the girls when they get older, I hope they are able to forgive me in the years ahead.  They are wearing me out!  :)
Ella is doing ballet, jazz, Girls on the Run and soccer.  Ally is doing jazz, gymnastics and soccer.  Taylor is doing everything in her power to avoid military school and drum roll please.......has broken up with her boyfriend!  {And the trumpets play a joyful tune...}  So all in all....its pretty crazy around here!
I got my agent health license last fall in preparations for the Healthcare Reform kicking off this year.  The first quarter was insane at my work!  In the end I helped enroll over 200 people in the Marketplace, so I am very much looking forward to a vacation!  However it does look like I will be waiting until August for that vacation.
Brendon is working at the jail.  He was at the Courthouse starting late fall and then they moved him to the jail.  Looks like he will be there for awhile.  Now that the winter over time is done, he's been playing lots of music just for the fun of it.
There are nights I don't get home with the kids until almost 9pm.  Unfortunately, my 4:30 am gym habit has been broken and haven't been like I should or like I want to.  It just always makes me feel better.  Happier and energized.  I was really getting in to Zumba, but soccer now coincides with the class times.  I am an Assistant Coach on Ella's Girls on the Run team, so one would think I'd be running - but I haven't been.
I just got a 'new to me' camera last weekend.  I need to find the time to use it - but I love it so far.  Its a older style Canon Rebel but it takes great shots.  These were taken in the "auto" and "portrait" modes...
We still have Lucy.  She's annoying and smelly, but she's ours
 Poor Sophie, has just recovered from a vaginitis.  Who knew dogs could get that?  She had blood in her urine, really scared me.  Now her right eye bothers her.  I will take her in soon for eye drops.
 Savannah is two and a half months old already!  She's such a beauty!
 Miss Sydney...sweeter than pie!
 Our teenager....turning into a beautiful, smart young lady!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Meet My New Niece!!

She's here, she's here, she's here!!!
Miss Savannah Grace was born just after midnight on the day before Valentines Day.  She came out healthy and absolutely perfect in every way!
 Look at my beautiful sister in law, isn't she amazing?  She had been awake for 24 hours in this photo, in labor that entire time.  And she looks amazing!  Congratulations mama!!
 What a sweet little face!
 I seriously about cried the first time I saw her.  She's gorgeous!
 We love her so much already!!  Such a precious sweet girl, I'll be over again soon sweetheart!