Thursday, September 29, 2016


I have lived in Michigan all but two and a half years of my life and have never been to Mackinaw Island.  As a kid I walked the bridge one Labor Day but had never been to the island.  Ella has always wanted to go.  This year we had planned a camping trip and decided to add on two nights at Mackinaw beforehand.  We had a wonderful time!
It was a long drive and that 'Mighty Mac' was a glorious, welcoming site!

This lighthouse is right by the bridge
With a name like Weinerlicious, it has to be good!  And it was!  Only it was pretty pricey - $6 for a chili cheese dog!
This statue man was very cool!  Ally loved watching him!
We went to the Island for Ella's birthday.  It was pretty windy on the ferry going over!
No cars, only bikes and horses.  I loved that!
The Grand Hotel
We walked from one end to the next, we ate pounds of fudge and walked almost 18,000 steps!
3D House of Glass.  However my kids are geniuses....that's my story and I am sticking to it!  They finished in 6 minutes flat.  Fastest $20 I have ever spent!
Ella said she had a wonderful birthday!
I will continue our vacation in another post!

First Day of School

So this new school year hurt...A LOT!  One in college, one in middle school and one in 4th grade.
Ella was very excited and very organized.  The night before the big day, she made an agenda for herself.  (This lasted about a week and a half!)
Then, of course, Ally had to make one
First day at COLLEGE!
We missed the school open house, so I took Ally to class and she let me get ONE picture!  


I have been having problems with my Blogger App on my phone.  It is great when it works, and so very frustrating when it doesn't!  At this point I will never catch up on life.  Ally participated in the Cheerleading week at school and I think I could see her pursing this activity later on in school.  She loved it!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


After a year at McDonald's Taylor took a job at Menards as a cashier!
Our lazy hens are finally producing!
Cutie Girl
Our new foster dog, Star.  She is almost 8 and just the sweetest thing!
I love this picture.  Seb looks so unimpressed!
I screwed up daycare this week and shorted myself.  So I took Tuesday off and we headed to South Haven!
We found the township park, which was pretty small and quiet.  A little too rocky but dog friendly.  We will have to bring the boy next time!
Afterwards we had a picnic at Van Buren State Park, but we don't like the beach there.   It is too rocky!  So we headed to South Haven's South Beach!
LOVE this place.  If I can't be on the ocean, then this is where I wanna be!

Nine Years Old!

This morning I caught Ally listening to an old music box, humming along to a lullaby.  When she saw me she said, "Mom, I wish I was younger."  Oh sweet baby girl, me too. She's growing up much to quickly.  She is still my snuggly punky but I know this ride isn't going to slow down any.  Happy birthday sweet, sweet girl!
Lunch at her favorite place, Texas Roadhouse!
Then our birthday tradition of Build-A-Bear, this year they had a BOGO sale!!  So she got two of them!  Spoiled!
Afterwards she got new kicks!
And picture time!
We then ran to pick up her friends Eden and Helayna and spent some time at the arcade in Gobles.  Afterwards, her cousins came over for cake and ice cream.  And the Pie in your face game.  Which I didn't get any food photos off, only videos.  
We made her wait for her actual birthday for presents.  We had tacos, her favorite and watched Grease.