Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Somehow, after great persistence I was able to score 12th row, center for the Garth Brooks show in Grand Rapids! He added shows, and ended up doing 6 shows.  It made finding tickets confusing but I was so excited when we got ours!  Jill and I were a bit delayed because of the pregnant mama dog, but we hit a bar and caught up quick!
Oh and kept going.....just one beer, the arena wanted $9 for a beer!!  Insane!
I wish you could hear the screaming right about now, gives me goosebumps just seeing this picture!
Yea, that is Garth behind us pointing and charming the crowd.  He is seriously amazing.  I don't believe I have ever seen a greater entertainer.
The next day, Brendon had a friend with tickets.  This friend's girlfriend had just broken up with him and he was not a country fan.  So he gave Brendon the tickets!!  This time we were in the back and up a bit but from here it was quite a light show!  It was almost like two different concerts.  
Love this man!!  Yes, Brendon and Garth!!  :)


Let's get caught up with our fosters, from the beginning of May to current.
We had Emma, a Catahoula Hound mix, nice dog but her and Sophie did not get along.  We only had Emma maybe 3-4 days.
Remember Winnie?  The senior Great Pyrenees that we lovingly called Lurch.  She received a major hair cut and came to see me at the Humane Society Dog Walk.  Seriously made my day - I am still smiling over seeing her.  And just look at her face, she remembered me!  Oh happy day, my heart was so happy!
The day of the Garth Brooks show....I was all set to leave work at 1pm when I found out about a super pregnant girl in the shelter.  Shawn made some calls to find placement while I went and pulled her from the pound.  Maybe I already wrote about her, I can't recall.  Her name is Ana.
8 beautiful puppies!
Niko was a dog I found on Craigslist.  I wasn't sure what he was....
After a much needed spa day we see he is a Schanoodle!  And a very handsome one at that!
Then there was Thyme.  Thyme is a hound lab mix and she was super sweet for the first few days, and once she got comfortable, she was psychotic!  Poor girl has been returned twice, hoping three times is a charm and tomorrow she is being adopted for the third time.  Fingers Crossed Thyme!
Beautiful pups as they grow, love these eyes!!
Bexley is a beagle sheltie mix.  She was probably the closest I have ever come to foster failing.  6 months old, energetic but so sweet.  She did eat shoes, 7 pairs total!! But that was our fault not hers. We all loved her.  Her new name is Millie.  Unfortunately she went to adopters who will probably not provide updates.  But she is loved and happy.
Once the pups were 7 weeks, we took them two in.  Sydney
And Paris
Tragically Sydney went to sleep last week Monday and didn't wake up.  I found her that morning dead in her crate.  There was a thunderstorm that night.  The vet believes it was a heart attack or a congenital heart defect as she was not sick and fine the night before.  This was the hardest moment we have ever had to face as a foster family.  We still miss her, and Ally and I still get teary.  She was such a sweet puppy.  
Paris went over towards the grave and after I snapped the picture, I noticed the heart made by the sun.  This photo makes me smile and gives us some peace.
Paris was adopted last night by some friends of ours.  She is a difficult puppy, but they all are.  Hopefully she can get in a groove and learn she finally has a family of her own.  Her new name is Ayra.  (said like an opera - Aria)   Love and hugs sweet girl!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

James and The Giant Peach

The spring play at the FCA was James and the Giant Peach.  We were more involved in helping with this play but honestly it was the most difficult for Alyssa.  The director was under stress for some unknown reason, although her daughter was James, so I am sure that had a lot to do with it.  But the last two weeks just left a bad taste with Alyssa.  So much so, that she isn't sure that she will be going back.  I hope she continues doing drama somewhere because she has talent.  :)
She had many different smaller roles, which meant frequent costume changes.
Taylor did her senior mentorship with the director she she worked on props and design.
The best thing about the FCA are the people!  She has made so many wonderful friends.
Grandma went out to dinner with us after one of the shows.
This was the first play that the center ran for two weekends.  The kids were exhausted by the end.
She was the sweetest sea gull.  And a super funny pirate!
Last show!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Color Run and Prom

The same day as the birthday bonfire was the Color Run.  Jill and I have now done this three years in a row!  I am quite out of shape this time around and in darn near killed me.  I was so sore for a week after!
About a hour before people came to the bonfire Taylor and Michael & Austin and Zoe went to the prom.  All the parents came over to our house for pictures and margaritas.  They all looked gorgeous -- what a great group of kids!  
I was so worried about Taylor's dress.  She found it on Amazon.  (She did not want to go shopping!)  And when it came it was wadded up in a bag mailer from China!!  I didn't do any alterations, the only thing I did was added some hook and eyes to the back because there was no zipper, only the lacing.  She looked beautiful.
(All of these kids are on the robotics team)

Monday, June 27, 2016

I Am How OLD?!?!?

I really don't know how it happened, but in April I 'turned' the big 4-0!  People say you TURN 40, like they say milk TURNS bad or sour.  I was really dreading it and had planned to be an ostrich with my head in the sand.  But my friends and family wouldn't let me do that.  My life long bestie, Brandi threw Elizabeth and myself  a joint surprise 40th party!  She had us believing that her mom had won a wine tasting and her mom couldn't make it due to prior plans.  We show up at this adorable little winery (Kody Cresta) and there were 4 other friends from high school!  What a wonderful surprise!
Brandi made a gluten free Wizard of Oz cake!  It was soooo good!
Adorable gift from Brandi along with a cute poem!

Later that night Brandi and I went out for Mexican food and margaritas.  It was so much fun!!  I sure miss this girl and wish she still lived in town!
The rest of my birthday was spent eating cake, oh my goodness, SO.  Much.  Cake.
The day before my birthday a group rep brought it a cake from Boonzaaijers.
The day of my birthday, my coworkers had cupcakes from MacKenzies and booze!!
Alyssa's spring musical program was the night of my birthday, so we were able to enjoy wonderful music and beautiful faces.  Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. Brown.
Brendon brought home a cake from MacKenzies too.
The Saturday following my birthday, I decided to throw a party.  It was also Theresa's and Kathleen's birthdays too.  Along with a couple of other friends, so we went to Costco and got a party cake!
I spaced it and didn't take any pictures, wish I would have, I was overwhelmed with how many people came.  I feel so blessed.  Ally and I around the campfire that night.
And as if that wasn't enough - my rescue friends, Shawn and Yvonne took me out a few days later for Mexican food at Los Amigos - only I had no idea that this is what the staff gives you on your birthday!!
BAM!!  Party over.  Welcome to 40.