Friday, February 21, 2014

Meet My New Niece!!

She's here, she's here, she's here!!!
Miss Savannah Grace was born just after midnight on the day before Valentines Day.  She came out healthy and absolutely perfect in every way!
 Look at my beautiful sister in law, isn't she amazing?  She had been awake for 24 hours in this photo, in labor that entire time.  And she looks amazing!  Congratulations mama!!
 What a sweet little face!
 I seriously about cried the first time I saw her.  She's gorgeous!
 We love her so much already!!  Such a precious sweet girl, I'll be over again soon sweetheart!

The Blizzard of 2014

Well....I loaded these photos on 1/29.  Does that tell you how the last month has gone?  This has been the winter that if hell could actually freeze over, it would have been this winter.  It's been ridiculous!  The kids have had TEN snow days.  We have had over 100 inches of snow so far this winter and there were WEEKS of negative temperatures.  The snow ended up so high that, even still, that when you pull out of driveways and intersections you can't see over the snow banks.  It is being compared to the blizzard of '78.  Which luckily I don't remember since I was a baby. :)  It can go away, any day now..please.
It's actually higher now, and was higher than now a week ago
Brr...with windchill we had several days of -25 to -40!
Our parking lot at work has actually lost about 8 spots.  We are running out of room to put the snow.
The girls have kept us busy.  Ella is now back in tap and ballet class.  Ally is in Jazz/Gym combo class.  Swimming lessons just ended.  Girls on the Run starts in March.  Soccer starts in April.  I have promised to take the girls swimming at least once if not twice a week.  Swimming lessons are so expensive and they don't get much one on one time.  So I am hoping between increased exposure and my poor teaching skills they will learn how by summer.
My dogs are going to 'The Salon' today for the first time.  I am hoping someone can help us de-funk Lucy.  That dog smells like a fresh dung pile.  I can't figure it out - but she reeks!
Taylor's 16th birthday is next week!!  I feel old and discombobulated.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kids Say

A December and January List of Kids Say...

Ella to Alyssa:  "You are putting up your apples"
Alyssa: "That's because I am a joyful person"
Ella: "I guess that's why your middle name is Joy"
Alyssa: "And yours is Grace because you are so graceful and have beautiful hair"
('Putting up your apples' means you are smiling so big that your cheeks are like apples)

Ella told Santa Claus that she doesn't need anything this year.  But then she gave him three reasons as to why her mom needs slippers.  :)

After hearing this Ally told me that she knew all I wanted for Christmas was joy.  Joy in their hearts.

Brendon and I decided to postpone the Christmas dinner we were hosting because of the weather.  Ally was upset and we told her that we didn't want anyone to get into a car accident.  She says, 'Well except this one person..' and she proceeds to tell us about the some of the bad choices this person has made (So much so that he is no longer considered family)  So Brendon says, "You don't miss a thing do you?"  And she says, "Nope.  I am attentive."

Ella tells me that for her Sweet Sixteenth birthday she wants to sew dresses for all of her friends.  Then they are going to have make overs and put on a fashion show.

Alyssa: "Mom do you like working at Kuipers?" 
Me: "Yes"
A: "What did you do before that?"
Me: "I worked for an airline and was able to travel."
A: "That's ok I guess....but it's not fair.  My friend's mom is a spy.  And my friend who lives in England, Miss Fancy Pants, her mom is the Queen of England!"

Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow Ice Cream

Everyone on Facebook has been talking about making "Snow-Ice Cream".  So I caved into the pressure, and made some with the kids. 
 Our snow-cream
 It sooooo did not live up to all the Facebook hype.  It was so bad in fact that we had to add chocolate syrup to it.
 ....a lot of chocolate syrup!
 With the choclate syrup, it was a success!   However, once she spooned all the chocolate off the top she threw the rest away!  (Taylor and Ella wouldn't touch it, chocolate or not!)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Photos

Here are the photos from our attempted Christmas Photo Shoot
These were the hardest.  At one point Santa fell asleep and the elf ran away.  There was also lots of kissing and wandering eyes.. 
 About as good as it gets..

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Formal

Taylor completely surprised me when she told me about a week before the winter formal that she wanted to go.  We had talked about it maybe a month before and she swore she had zero interest in going.  Luckily we were able to borrow a dress on short notice and she looked amazing!
 Her BFF and my "other" daughter Kellianne
 Her boyfriend on the other hand is a dweeb, I am sorry Tay, but you could do so much better!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Photo Bomb

Some photos that I haven't taken the time to share:
Picking Apples at Schultz's
Outdoor photo shoot
 Trunk or Treating
Halloween Night, in the rain

Ally's Harvest Party, with her buds 
 Ella and her teacher at her Halloween party
My parents at their Halloween party in Florida...Laurel and Hardy
 One of Ella's notes from her Secret Pumpkin 
 Oshtemo Family Fun Day....this was the day I lost Ally - she came out of a bounce house slide when I was talking to someone and she ran over to the next one.  We couldn't find her and I was really starting to panic, I ended up finding a police officer and a moment later I found her.  He talked to her to try to help her realize how serious running off is.  She was very upset and we left soon after.  Before that, we had a great time.  We even went up in the bucket on a fire truck.  Quite a view - amazing how fast and high those guys go! 
 Ally all dressed for school 
Homecoming parade with their favorite cousin
And it dawns on me that I don't believe I ever introduced our new dog Lucy!  Where have I been?  We got her back in September.  She's kinda dumb, extremely smelly, but a real sweetheart.  She is completely taken with Ally is 100% HER dog. 
Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey's Circus!