Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lazy Sunday

Alyssa and I had a great time shopping for her annual birthday day. And we come home to find Ella all comfy and reading!

Friday, July 7, 2017

July 2017

I have become a terrible 'blogger'. Gone are the days where I have time to sit and write out my thoughts and share fun stories.  Work has become crazy and stressful.  My kids have become busier than I could have ever imagined.  We still foster dogs and I am still very involved with our rescue.   My parents left Florida this morning and they will be here in a couple of days!  We cannot wait to see them.  Alyssa is doing the play Annie the middle of this month and has rehearsals every night for 3-4 hours a night!  I am so very proud of her.  She tried out for the part of Annie, and was one of four girls that got a call back for the part.  While she didn't get it, she was casted as an orphan, she has been having a ball and loves every minute of it.  Ella is turning into a mature, beautiful young lady.  She is so helpful around the house and kind to everyone.  She has been learning how to cook and bake - this is proving to be an adventure!  As for Taylor, she moved out just before the New Year and says she is doing very well and happy on her own.  Brendon has been putting trails in on the property and loves every minute he spends on his tractor.  He would be in that barn 24/7 if time would allow. Loving life in our new house...will try to get pictures posted soon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


There are times the girls fight....non-stop!  But then there are other times, recently more often times, that they get a long so wonderfully.   Loving these sweet notes.  The top two are from Ally to Ella and the bottom one is to Ally from Ella.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Well I said I wouldn't do it again for a long while....and I lied.  Two and a half weeks ago I received a desperate email plea for puppy fosters.  I ignored it.  For about 20 minutes...and before I could stop myself I quickly typed back a response and volunteered myself.  They had a slew of puppies coming in from Kentucky that ranged 5 weeks to 8 weeks.  I requested the older ones because I have learned that I have about a two week family tolerance to puppies.  The next day I went to the kennel to meet my new fosters....
We were told their names needed to start with the letter 'O' - so Alyssa named this one Olive.
 And Ella named this one Olivia
On a rare warm February day, we were able to play outside most of the afternoon!
Olive was Alyssa's baby, she took such good care of her!
I had them just shy of two weeks.  Last Thursday I had the flu.  It was awful - like possibly the worst ever - I texted my friend Shawn and pleaded with her to take them.  Bless her heart, she did!  And they were both adopted yesterday!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Little Entrepreneurs

The girls have started a business called "We Care, Love and Massages".  Only Alyssa spells it "Massashes", which is an improvement from last week's - 'massooches'!  She has a price list from .60 cents to $2 depending on your treatment and she has an 'Opointment' list.  Also you gotta love her 'no credit cards!'  Goofy girls! :)  They are trying to earn money to buy a video game.  At least, for the time being, they are working together!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Meet Mitzi, my first foster with Animal Rescue Project (yes that makes the third rescue - and yes I am crazy, that has already been established)  Poor Mitzi is a 10 year old blind Maltese mix.  I had her for six days but my Sophie is being mean to her.  Sophie is pretty much mean to everyone, but more Mitzi is completely defenseless.  She is going back to the kennel at ARP today.  In spite of her blindness she is a sweet, playful girl and just wants a lap or at least a dog bed.  Mitiz's first owner died, and her second owner ironically went blind so Mitzi hadn't seen a groomer in years.  She was a mess.  
And I am by NO means qualified to groom her but I did my best.  At least now we can see that beautiful face!
And here is much better grooming picture, after she was done professionally this morning! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I took a hundred pictures at Christmas time, trying to narrow it down is hard.  But here are a few cute pictures.  The girls and I made sock snowman for our neighbors.  They turned out so cute!  I really wanted to keep the entire family, but we gave them all away.
Look at my Hershey boy in his new home!  (Now Clyde)  Wearing a Christmas bowtie.  The family has invited me to come see him and am going to try to do so this summer.  He is a hour north of here.  But it would be so worth the drive to see him again.  
My brain fails me, I think it was the Thursday before Christmas (Christmas was on a Sunday this year) we got together with Jason, Lyndsey and the girls.  Taylor was working and Jayley was at Great Wolf, I believe.  Selfie..
Love Ella's elf sweater
Alyssa photo bombed this one - we sent this to Kelli's mom to freak her out!  Ha!!!
The girls
I tried my hand at homemade Kahlua this year.....Mmmm so good!
And just because he is just so darn cute and fluffy!!
Taylor worked Christmas Eve until 6.  We went to church in Lawton with my co-worker.  The kids got to open their gifts from their grandparents and each other.  Taylor gave me this really cool salt lamp. 
Our Christmas Eve tradition is that the girls get pajamas from us.  I think I may extend this as they get older - maybe throw in some popcorn and candy and a movie.  We will see if I remember this next year.  Sebastain - Hahaha!
Who knew at this moment in time, that it would be the last (for awhile) of the girls all together and so happy.  Three days after Christmas Taylor moved out.  It is bittersweet really.  She has some growing up to do and she is choosing to do it in a place where, while not home, she is safe.  I think it is going to be good for her.  And for us as there was a lot of stress and tension.
Make up was the big wish item this year
A microphone/karaoke app for the family singer
A toaster!!
Photo Bomb!  'American Girl' items where the other big wish list.  These are the My Generation dolls from Target.  :)
What a disaster!!  It was just us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - kinda of strange.  We had fancy sandwiches and munchies on Christmas Eve and a 'real' Christmas dinner with my ham from work.  We spent the day after Christmas at Uncle Ron's house.  First time in the 12 years we have been married that we have been invited there!
Cute little elf
Sledding in the "pit" - the same spot that I did as a kid.  Have I mentioned how happy I am to be back on my childhood street?!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Kelli is 21..What?!

I cannot believe the day came and Kelli is now 21!  How is this possible?  Lyndsey and I told her we would take her wherever she wanted to go and she chose the Hanger Bar.  We had dinner and a couple of drinks.  Very fun night!
She opted for a Rum Runner...and Kelli Likey!  :)
 Then we had to snap chat her mom!
 My adorably sweet sister in law!  (We need to do this again SOON!)
And my nut balls were there in spirit...with the help of Snap Chat!


I am all out of order....before the puppies we had a sweet foster girl named Ava.  She is on the list "If I had a dog ranch, you'd stay" List!  Loved her, a little happy but so very sweet and well behaved.
 Alyssa was hands down Ava's favorite person!
She wasn't super excited about car rides, but she was very mellow on them!  Here is on her way to her new life!
We had Ava over Christmas and she was adopted on New Years Day!  We spent New Years with our family down the way.  Love them all so much!

Father Daughter Dance

This year the theme of the daddy daughter dance was a "Hoe Down".  Oh, my - Alyssa was so upset.  At one point she said she didn't want to go.  She wanted a Paris theme.  Heaven only knows where she dreamt that up!  She wanted to get dressed up, not put on cowboy boots and a hat!  She wore a more casual dress and high heels but did take a cowboy hat just in case.  Her dad took her to the Hibachi for dinner, which I guess she loved!  (Ella and I had a dinner date to Hunan Gardens, Mmm!)
Brendon was a good sport for pictures.  He hates having them taken, but Alyssa will always treasure these.
 My favorite picture!