Friday, February 13, 2015

Best Weekend Ever

Last weekend we had so much fun!!  Lately we have been busy with the houses and moving and fixing things and painting and being sick.  The weather has been awful so we haven't done much of anything in awhile!  Last weekend, Ally's extra choir sang the national anthem at the K-Wings Hockey Game.  The kids were so great!
The next morning the girls and I went for our first ever snow shoe walk at the Fish Hatchery.  It was a free program that they offered and it was lots of fun.  Luckily we had great weather for it!
 We learned about wildlife along the way
 My favorite!
During the hockey game the Wings scored a power play goal so everyone got free ice cream from Culvers!  Mmmm
Saturday night it was Ella's Father Daughter dance!  Hawaiian style!
We topped the weekend off with seeing Peter and The Wolf at the Kalamazoo Symphony!!  So much fun!!
During the Kids Series, if you go early, you can try out the instruments.  Ally was too shy but Ella jumped right in!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Annual Big Girls Little Girls Weekend

Every summer Elizabeth and I drive the girls down to Ohio to see our bestie from high school and her two girls.  This year Elizabeth was pregnant so Brandi drove up from Ohio, her mom still lives in my town and her and I drove to St. Joe to see Liz.We were hoping for a beach day but it was pretty chilly.  We went out for Pizza - on the beach - it was possibly the best pizza ever.  Wish I could remember the name of it, it is the pizza place right on Silver Beach.   Then we went swimming in their club pool and then it was off to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  This was the first year I didn't get any good pictures but here's a couple I managed to snap...
 Goofy and Goofy

Always Running Behind

Happy New Year!!  2015 is off and running already!  We had a truly great New Years!  Ella went to a friends house for a sleepover and Taylor was with a BOY.  Brendon, Ally and I went to our dear family friend's house like we do most years and we had such a great time.
This year was extra special because we are in the works of something huge!  We will have our house listed on the market by very early spring and then we will be buying my parents house!  All very exciting and wonderful news!!  Currently paying for two houses though is the downside.  But we hope to sell quick!  So as if I didn't have enough excuses to neglect this blog, now I have added cleaning, painting, moving, organizing and a billion other things to that list!
My husband said the sweetest thing the other night and I really wanted to share it.  Alyssa still likes to sleep with me and it's no longer the coming in at 6 am to snuggle sleep, since we have moved it's the 'must start out in mom's bed' kind of sleep. After a couple of weeks I insisted she sleep in her OWN room.  She has her own room now!  Of course she did not like that idea.  I insisted for 15 minutes she tries to stay in her room.  She cried the entire time and by the end she was so adorably pathetic I invited her in mine.  Sure enough as I am reading she curls up against me and falls asleep almost instantly.  Awhile later Brendon came in the room and I apologized and feeling exasperated I told him I didn't know what to do.  And you know what he said?  The sweetest thing ever.  He said, "Just enjoy it" and kissed me.  I love that man!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gingerbread House With Grandma Ina

Our Annual Gingerbread House with Grandma Ina
I do not know why some of these flipped....they show upright in my photo album.  Sorry, you will have to turn your head!
 This has become a tradition that the girls look forward to every year.  We do it either on Thanksgiving or when we celebrate Brendon's birthday.  I think this is the 5th year, Uncle Jim does the construction and the girls and grandma decorate, while mommy relaxes with a glass of wine.  :)
 The finished product.  This year it was an "Elf on the Shelf" Gingerbread house. 
I will tell you that the very next day Ally had half the candy eaten on the roof.  Currently, it is a sad under-decorated, half eaten house.  Nothing like this picture.

Al Sabo Hike

Two days after Halloween it was beautiful!  The sun was shining and it was in the 50s.  Which was just unheard of since Halloween was freezing cold.  Halloween was so cold this year that it was the first year I didn't go out with the kids.  Brendon took them and they only lasted about 20 minutes.  It was below freezing and the wind was roaring, it was absolutely awful for trick or treating this year.  We've heard that this winter is going to rival last, which was off the charts, record breaking snow and cold.  We ended up with 11 snow days last year!!  And so far this school year we had a snow day BEFORE Thanksgiving.  We actually had 14" inches of snow a week before Thanksgiving this year - it was crazy!!  Anyway, so the Sunday after Thanksgiving we went out to play with mom's camera again.  I sure have a lot to learn, and no time to do it.  I don't understand angles and lighting and all the dials on the camera confuse me.  So I left it on auto for the most part.  Sure wish my mom was in Michigan to teach me!  (Hint, hint...time for a visit mom!!)
 This girl....
 Ally was dracula for Halloween and Tay did her make up for me.  Well she had so much eye make up that it didn't come off for three days!  You can still see some of it!
 Beautiful girl
 Love this one of Ella, such a beauty

Fall Photos

I may never catch up on this blog but I refuse to give up on it!!  Here are some photos I took at home with my new to me Canon Rebel!
Pumpkin Carving Time!  Which sadly this day, we only had time to scoop out the "guts" - the carving came later and with dad!
 Goofy Nut!
 I love this face!
Sadly, I never did get after pictures this year!  The kids used the stencil templates.  Ella did a cat and Ally did a witch.  Taylor did hers by hand - it was one of the animae characters that she likes.  They did such a great job on them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day at the Zoo

First Taylor's new 'do!
It is so cute on her!
After taking Ella to the zoo to meet up with my old friends, I decided to buy a zoo membership.  We used to have one when the girls were quite a bit younger and Taylor still enjoyed the zoo.  As long as we use it twice, we have justified the cost.  Well it is now mid September and we used it once as a family.  So we need to squeak in one more this fall or spring.  We really like John Ball in Grand Rapids because the kids like the penguins and sting rays.  I also want to go to see the new bear exhibit and the cable cars!
Anyway, this time we went to Binder Park Zoo and Brendon was able to go with!  He rarely does, so it is always a little more special when dad goes.  Happy faces..
The carousel is still a favorite.  It took them two go-rounds to find the perfect beast to sit upon.
Feeding the giraffes is mom's favorite
The goats are definitely dad's fave, but it always brings back great childhood memories for me.  Some days I wish I could raise the kids on a small farm like we had growing up, but the sensible me knows that I would never find time for barn animals.  We will stick to petting zoos.
Play ground fun!