Monday, March 28, 2016

This and That

Let's play a game.  I am going to go through my pictures and post highlights and you guess the time span!  It's called, How Far Behind Am I?
When Ally has play practice, Ella has been my workout partner at the gym!  She's a great motivator.  I tried to bribe her with ice cream, so that we wouldn't have to go one night and she turned down dessert to make us workout!  
Dad bought the girls a selfie stick, heaven help us, selfies galore!
This is not my picture, the play director's husband took it and it cracks me up!  During their off scenes the kids have been doing planks.  Will, the guy on the bottom, was showing off his strength when Ally hopped on!
We have been at the house for over a year.  And I am enbaressed to say that many things are still not unpacked or done.  My craft room being one of them.  I finally got a few things hung up but the rest of the room is not show worthy!  Notice that I painted the room the same color as my old craft room.  This color is also the color Ella chose for her bedroom and the bathroom was already this color when we moved in.  (Brendon despises this color.  However I love it!)
Our realtor stumbled upon another realtor who needed a piano moved out of a house within two hours for a closing.  He told us about it and Brendon and Ron took off that moment and picked it up!  It sounds great!  Now to get it in the house....
Ella had to have two teeth pulled.  This time she was extremely tired beforehand and afterwards she was exhausted and emotional.  She cried A LOT.  Poor girl.  We have two upcoming consultations to find out about braces.
Taylor finished her mascot head!!  She did an amazing job on it!  Not sure why but the kids call him Oscar.  Their team is the WiredCats.
We have had some pretty spectacular sunrises lately.
The carpeting in the living, dining and hallway is no more!  We are working on putting in hardwood laminate flooring, I love it!
Just because it is the cutest picture ever!
I missed Taylor's first robotics meet.  I had an inner ear infection and was horribly dizzy.  I was able to go to her second one at GVSU.  This year it is a Renaissance theme.
Teams are given alliances.  The three blue teams battle on one side and the red on the other.  For each obstacle you complete or basket you make (shoot the balls into the tower) you get points.  Some robots could climb the tower walls to score even more points.  If you are chosen to do an alliance with a team that might not have the best robot, their score can hurt yours as all three times are working collectively to get the most points.  The first day our team did great, #5 out of 40 schools.  The second day they were placed with some unfortunate teams and the ranking dropped to 15 out of 41.  We are still waiting to hear if they make it to state this year, but it is not looking promising.
Who is that knight under the head??
Why Austin of course!
My buddy and my four legged soulmate.  Seriously - Best.  Dog.  Ever.


18 years have gone so quickly.  I really don't know where the time went.  Over the years Taylor has gone from a mellow baby to a 'Terrible - Two" (3, 4, 5) to a goofy, silly kid into a young lady who a part of wants to be all grown up and the other part of her is still the same silly girl she was years ago.  We have had lots of highs and a few downs.  Countless wonderful times and a few trials.  She can drive me bat-shit crazy and then make my heart melt in the same instant.
In my mind Taylor will always be this sweet little girl, with beautiful eyes and a pure heart and a stitch of silliness...
She spent her birthday with her friends.  Austin and Kelli took her out to dinner and a movie.  We didn't even get to see her on her birthday.  The day after we were able to celebrate with our family, which always includes Kelli.  We had her favorite dinner, Shepard's Pie with vanilla cake.
May all your wishes come true Tay...

Friday, March 25, 2016

More Fosters

Timing is slipping away again...seems I am always running and always behind.  My last foster was adopted yesterday and I have convinced myself I need a break.  The house needs a thorough cleaning and we have to purge and organize.  I am feeling a bit burned out and just need a break.  Told myself I would use the "two week" return period for my girl that was adopted last night as a relief break.  A hour before she was adopted I got a call from a friend who found a wonderful dog at Animal Control who has reached the end of the line and they need a place to my two week break is turning into 10 hours.  But we are literally saving a life, how could I say no?!
Anywho, let's catch up.  So....about a month ago I took in two owner surrenders.  Rudy (was Rowdy, we changed it) and Romeo.  They were both older, about 8, and they were super sweet.  Come to find out Romeo, AKA Cow Dog, was initially adopted out by another rescue.  The owner failed to tell me that but the information was in his microchip.  So I had to give him back to them.  We were very sad because Romeo was the sweetest, goofiest thing.  He was a Chiweenie and this is the only picture I have of him.  His buddy, the yorkie, name Rudy was a sweet boy.  He was quite fearful at first but eventually warmed up.  My friend at work, Darla, adopted him and they call him Buddy.
He was terribly matted when he came to me.  Luckily Jessica, with Paramount Grooming offered to give him a spa day and they made him handsome again!!  So very grateful to Jessica and her business, she does so much for our rescue!
The very night Rudy was adopted, actually Darla was at my house (!) Shawn shows up with Colby, a tiny Jack Russell mix puppy.  She had gone to Van Buren County to pick up another dog and when she got there someone had just dropped off this puppy.  The story went that there was a man in a van giving away puppies to children at a park!!  This mom was mortified when she turned around to find her son holding a puppy!  So he was dropped off at Animal Control.  He was 6 pounds and about 10 weeks old.  Our first puppy!  I was very nervous to have a puppy but he was a great first one to have. 
Meet Colby...
He slept here all the time.  Sebastian tolerated him well.  Colby would just up and nip at him and pull on his beard.  Seb would look up at me like, "Mom, can't you make him stop?!"  But when it was wind down time, the loved each other.
We had him 2.5 weeks and were head over heels for this guy!
A month prior I had found out a senior female Great Pyrenees that was in dire need of rescue.  Her situation was bad and this was the picture I was given.
Winnie came two days after Colby left.  And boy was she a mess when she came.  Stinky, matted, toe nails growing into her feet.  Dermatitis, eye infection, dirty ears.  After several baths and lots of Winnie.  A beautiful 8 year old Great Pyrenees who was adopted last night!  Best of luck to you Winnie in your new forever home.  Love ya girl!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What Is THAT?

I nearly forgot, I have no idea how I could forget this photo but I nearly did.  On our cruise Michele and I were talking about our lack of towel animals.  We did not get one all week....until our last night.  I swear the room must have been bugged because out of no where on the final night of our trip we walked in the room to a towel....well I am not sure what the heck it is.  I think it was pornographic.  I see a lady on her knees, butt in the air with a turd coming out.  Michele saw a seal.  Whatever it was, we laughed so hard we nearly peed our pants!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Stirrup Cay

Day 4
On Day 4 the sun finally was warm and almost hot!  The water and the skies were beautiful!
Michele and I had booked a kayak tour.  We paddled out about a half hour to another island that they so originally call "Kayak Beach".  It was a tiny island but on the way out we saw iguanas and sting rays.  We were hoping to spot a sea turtle but we did not.  Once we were there the guides found star fish, conch, urchins and a sea cucumber to handle and investigate.  The leopard Sea Cucumber was my favorite.  Kinda gross, and when they get nervous they squirt water.  This is not my picture, but here is what they look like:
The kayak tour was about 2 hours and I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want it to get wet.    After the tour we came back and grabbed a drink and just relaxed on this beautiful beach!  Free drinks and free BBQ buffet lunch was included!  I could have stayed here for days.  It was beautiful!
 Possibly a rum runner, I can't recall...
 That night back on the boat it was chilly.  We went to dinner with my two moms and saw the show and everyone went to bed a little early.  I went out on the Lido deck and got a drink and bundled up watching the water behind the ship.  Can't recall what that is called but it is so relaxing.  And a little creepy by yourself at midnight in the dark!  But it was a great way to take it all in and enjoy the last few moments of vacation.
 The best waiter ever, Norwegian give Sandy a raise and a promotion!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 3, Nassau

Day 3 - Nassau
I have been to Nassau several times and while it is not my favorite port, or even on the list of ports I want to go to, we enjoyed it.  Michele had never been so it was fun showing her around.  Although it is impossible to see it all in just a few hours.
This pictures was taken off the ship at the port.  It was so windy.  Michele's number one 'must see' was Atlantis.  We took a taxi over to Paradise Island and walked around the grounds.
It is a beautiful hotel.  Neither one of us are gamblers so after walking around we grabbed a drink and headed out to the marina.
See that chair right there on the left - yes, that one.  That is where I sat and I could have sat there all day with a drink in my hand.  Beautiful water, beautiful boats and I will admit to watching a couple cutie boys wash those boats.  Ha!!  
We probably sat there for a hour and just relaxed.  The we took a taxi back to the port and walked to Junkanoo Beach.  There was a Fat Tuesday at this beach that I don't remember seeing and there is a lot of construction going on.  They are building a fancy smancy hotel.  This is not my favorite beach but time did not allow for any others.
On our way back to the ship we went to Senior Frogs.  This place was actually pretty dead.  The guy behind us with the yellow juice was giving out shots to people who answered trivia questions correctly.
Mom and Jane met up with us for a little shopping before getting on board.  I had a very hard time with the Straw Market.  Michele and I went there on our way to Junkanoo Beach.  And I had a panic attack or something.  I got all sweaty and felt dizzy and nearly passed out.  It is so tight in there and some of the ladies are quite aggressive sales people.  I had to sit out.  On the way back, Michele had to exchange a shirt she bought and I waited outside.  Talked with the sweetest lady, 80 years old, born on Nassau and has never left.  She was a sweetheart and prayed for a safe journey for me.  Wish I would have taken her picture and written her name down.  She was one of a kind.
Apparently I didn't take any pictures of the ship at night.  The night of the White Hot Party it was so cold.  The young people danced and I just couldn't do it.  We had a drink and watched with our sweaters on.  Is this what 40 looks like??  We went to all the shows and they were ok.  Nothing very memorable.  The comedian was just ok.  What made it fun were the impromptu shows that featured passengers.  The game shows and that kind of thing....with free drinks, people are even more funny than what the average happy, on vacation person is!