Thursday, August 25, 2016


After a year at McDonald's Taylor took a job at Menards as a cashier!
Our lazy hens are finally producing!
Cutie Girl
Our new foster dog, Star.  She is almost 8 and just the sweetest thing!
I love this picture.  Seb looks so unimpressed!
I screwed up daycare this week and shorted myself.  So I took Tuesday off and we headed to South Haven!
We found the township park, which was pretty small and quiet.  A little too rocky but dog friendly.  We will have to bring the boy next time!
Afterwards we had a picnic at Van Buren State Park, but we don't like the beach there.   It is too rocky!  So we headed to South Haven's South Beach!
LOVE this place.  If I can't be on the ocean, then this is where I wanna be!

Nine Years Old!

This morning I caught Ally listening to an old music box, humming along to a lullaby.  When she saw me she said, "Mom, I wish I was younger."  Oh sweet baby girl, me too. She's growing up much to quickly.  She is still my snuggly punky but I know this ride isn't going to slow down any.  Happy birthday sweet, sweet girl!
Lunch at her favorite place, Texas Roadhouse!
Then our birthday tradition of Build-A-Bear, this year they had a BOGO sale!!  So she got two of them!  Spoiled!
Afterwards she got new kicks!
And picture time!
We then ran to pick up her friends Eden and Helayna and spent some time at the arcade in Gobles.  Afterwards, her cousins came over for cake and ice cream.  And the Pie in your face game.  Which I didn't get any food photos off, only videos.  
We made her wait for her actual birthday for presents.  We had tacos, her favorite and watched Grease.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Girls Night

My friend Shawn had a free room and food at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo.  Her husband couldn't go so she invited me!  The room was wonderful, the food was delicious and plentiful and the new outdoor area at the pool was amazing!  It was so relaxing, I could have stayed a week!
The pool was just added the 1st of July.  And there are outdoor fireplaces and a bar with tvs.  The Hard Rock Cafe is also right there, so there is music too.  And the waitstaff will even serve you at the pool from the Hard Rock!
Proof that I am bad at selfies, but they are fun to try!
I am terrible lucky on the casino floor.  Always have been.  So while Shawn gambled I took a soak in this huge jetted tub!  It was so big that I actually kept sinking!  (And she won as soon as I went up to the room!)
The first night she had free tickets for the International Buffet, the food was plentiful and yummy!  The second day we thought we were on our own, but she was able to get free buffet meals at their Gold Club.  Oh,my - it was a four hour food pass!!  Craziness!  This was a sampling of desserts the first night,  I devoured the second days food before taking photos!  

Alyssa's Solo

Alyssa participated in a Musical Theater camp this summer and they did O Me, O My, O Nehemiah.  She was one of the soloist and she was so excited!  She made us so proud!  Love you Punky!  Xoxo


Family Fun Night

We are wanting - needing - to implement family fun night.  We let life get in the way and we don't hang out nearly enough.  Hoping this is something that will stick!!  Friday night we went bowling for the first time ever.    Unfortunately we weren't thinking how this might affect Brendon's back and he is home today, icing it and waiting to see the chiropractor.  Before his pain, we had a great time.  We stink.  Bad.  But I would love to point out that I bowled the highest game of the night.  A whopping 94 and beat Brendon by 3 points.  Na-na-na-boo-boo!  Taylor was working as usual.  :(
My pretties
My favorite quote of the night was when Alyssa gave up and started doing "granny" bowling.  Straddling the line and pushing the ball between her feet.  She wouldn't get low enough and the ball would crash down every time.  I kept telling her, get lower, squat lower and she says, 'if I get any lower my pants will split!'  It was so hot in there.  No air.  But we still had fun!
Meet Rosie my 42 pound rectangular beagle foster dog.  She's a sweetie, but she needs a diet pronto!
I am a terrible friend!  My friend Kit drove to MI from Texas and I totally forgot she was spending the night!  I had a migraine the day before and am always behind.  The girls were with her and I never got a photo of them together!  But I got a picture of her dog, Suzie.  Jeez, Louise.  It was so much fun to see her and hang out a bit.  Texas is way too far away!
The girls have a slight obsession with Snap Chat filters.


Saturday marked my fourth Kenny Concert!  What a blast!  Ford Field in Detroit.  Old Dominion, Jake Owen, Miranda Lambert, Kenny and surprise guest Kid Rock.
I made sure I had some cocktails to take to the tailgate!  They were yummy.  The Malibu was a little too sweet for me.  The margaritas were lower calorie and yummy!
I suppose when you don't have a pick up truck you should call it 'lift-gating' and not tailgating.  But poe-tay-toe, pa-ta-toe, am I right?!  The outdoor lot was full and it was pouring, so we opted for tailgating inside a parking garage!  Ha!!
Miranda was very good.  Everyone thought she seemed 'off' and while she may have been, I have always found her off.  She's a great singer/songwriter, but (in my opinion) has always been a bad performer.  I wouldn't even call what she does 'performing'.
Spread the Love Tour
I seriously love this man, along with 1/2 the female population who loves country music.
I am not a Kid Rock fan.  At all.  But one out of the two songs he did was fun, but probably because he did it with Kenny.  :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Somehow, after great persistence I was able to score 12th row, center for the Garth Brooks show in Grand Rapids! He added shows, and ended up doing 6 shows.  It made finding tickets confusing but I was so excited when we got ours!  Jill and I were a bit delayed because of the pregnant mama dog, but we hit a bar and caught up quick!
Oh and kept going.....just one beer, the arena wanted $9 for a beer!!  Insane!
I wish you could hear the screaming right about now, gives me goosebumps just seeing this picture!
Yea, that is Garth behind us pointing and charming the crowd.  He is seriously amazing.  I don't believe I have ever seen a greater entertainer.
The next day, Brendon had a friend with tickets.  This friend's girlfriend had just broken up with him and he was not a country fan.  So he gave Brendon the tickets!!  This time we were in the back and up a bit but from here it was quite a light show!  It was almost like two different concerts.  
Love this man!!  Yes, Brendon and Garth!!  :)