Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Foster Dogs 2 and 3

It's hard to believe we are on Number Three already!

Number 2, didn't last long at all.  His name was Lewis and his owner surrendered him because he had two bigger dogs that were picking on him.  Lewis was a 10 pound Chiweenie.  Chihuahua ears and legs, weenie dog body.  He was a hospice therapy dog and he just wanted to cuddle.  He was 5 years old and slept under the covers.
I posted a picture of him on my Facebook and my cousin chimed in saying she wanted him.  Not knowing if she was serious or not I asked her after a couple of days and she was very serious!  Her hubby not so much, but she brought out the family and Lauren fell in love with her and soon the hubby did too.  Beth is a rehab/PT nurse and Lewis - now Chappy - gets to go to work with her!  It makes my heart happy to know that he is loved and in such wonderful hands!

Right now we have Gracie!  Gracie was found dumped on the South Haven baseball fields with two of her puppies.  Not sure what happened to the other puppies.  She is a beautiful girl who has a strong fear of men.  Sadly she was obviously beaten by a man.  Even one of her puppies had the same fear of men.  She has been with us for a month and still barks and cowers with Brendon.  He is very patient with her and tries to makes friends with her daily.  He's such a good foster daddy.  When she came to us she was in heat, which was a first for me and a little challenging.  But she is such a sweetheart, definitely loves attention and has no regard for your personal space.  She is quite clumsy, so I call her Gracie Sue - since she is not full of Grace. We are hoping to have her adopted in the next week or two. 

Ally Says

This morning Ally asked me how old she would be in 2080.  I told her and she says,
   "Will it be like all Rock N' Roll?  Like in the real 80s?"
Last night I told Ally she needed to clean her room.  Her reply?
  "It's not my fault that I like jungles! YOU raised me!"
And finally my favorite from the week:
  "Every time I wear underwear I die a little inside"
(Yes, this really is a daily struggle!)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sweet Reminders

The big news today is our house went on the market last night!  We have a couple of showings already today but it is way too early to get our hopes up.  Last night I went over to the house and shampoo'd the carpets and washed the base boards in the bedrooms.  On the back side of the closet wall I noticed sweet little art work from Alyssa.  Made me smile, until I showed Taylor and we realized that Taylor's name is not on the list, unless Ally was calling her 'Reba' that week.
 While scrubbing the baseboards in their room I came across brightly colored 'stuff' that would not come off!  This was right next to Ally's bed and upon closer investigation realized it was Fruity Pebbles!!  This would have been 'in her crack' as she used to say.  The mattress was on the floor under the loft bed and she would stuff candy, gum wrappers and tiny prized possessions in 'her crack'.  Made me laugh and feel a bit sentimental.  We are very excited to be in our new place but little memories like these are priceless.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Foster Dog

For many years I have wanted to be a Foster Mom for dogs in need.  It wasn't until we moved into our soon to be new house that I felt like we could finally look into.  With Brendon and the kids' support I attended an orientation for Kalamazoo Animal Rescue.  Immediately after the orientation, people were split into groups depending on what they wanted to do for the organization.  I went to the meeting for those who wanted to foster dogs in home.  The more I learned and the more we talked I knew this was something I really wanted to do.  About a week and a half after my orientation, I received an email about a dog that had been very sick and was currently being housed in a kennel.  They felt she would do better in home and asked if I would be interested.  I went to meet her the next day.  Her name was Cookie.  She was young, about 9 months old.  She was beautiful.  And very energetic but so incredibly sweet.  After playing with her for awhile I agreed to take her home with me that night.  That was three weeks ago.  We have fallen head over heels for her but I believe I have everyone (other than Brendon) convinced that she needs to go so that we are able to continue fostering.  There is such a tremendous need for dog fosters.  And just within three weeks, to see the change within Cookie has been amazing.  It's a lot of work but it has been the most incredible 'feel good experience' for me.

We call her Kiki, because if you say "Cookie" in our house, Sophie gets very excited for her treats!  We have a potential home lined up for her and she would be ready to go in about two weeks, as she was just spayed yesterday.

Meet our 1st foster baby, Cookie/Kiki
The vet says she is a lab beagle mix.  I think she has some pit in her too.  She's a wonderful, beautiful, sweet melting pot!

Ally's Texts

I need to records Alyssa's texts here because they are just so sweet, I never want to lose them.
All from Alyssa - again while tucking Ella in to bed:

* Mommy when are you going to be home
* I love you
* Your welcome that I love you so much
* Your so much fun
* You are not old you are young
* I think you are perfect
* Even though no one is perfect you are still very nice
* I hope that you have good dreams like you want your young and cute and so nice to me I love you to the moon and back I'm your baby I love you so much your alot of fun
*I love you

Yesterday while I was driving home from conferences my phone starts going off:

* Mom are you at my teacher's class
* M? mmmmmmmmmmmoooooooommmmmmmmmmmoooooooooommmmmm
* Are you there?

(Reminds me of that annoying tv show - the Family Guy)

The Day I Forgot My Pants

I gotta admit, I knew the day would come - but I really I thought I would be much, much older.  Although it is not entirely as bad as it sounds, I am sure one day in the far away future it will happen...for real.  So as we know, life is crazy.  We have moved, are trying to list a house, we have two sick dogs, a teenager and 2 mini drama queens.  So Monday morning when the kids were off of school and I had all their appointments lined up in an attempt to be efficient, I should have known something wasn't going to go right.  And that something was my shoes!  I was halfway to the pediatric dentist when I realized that I forgot my shoes!  I left the house in my slippers.  I had 30 minutes between the dentist and the eye doctor so the kids and I ran into Kohls and I grabbed the first pair of shoes I saw, which were misplaced on a rack, in my size and comfy.  Of course they weren't priced!  But luckily rang up on sale.  With 15 minutes to spare we grabbed a donut - just what every girl needs fresh out of the dentist chair.  Three kids, five appointments, and only two of which I was in slippers.

Fast forward to yesterday.......I have sick doggies.  (See future post, coming soon) and I had to take Kiki to the vet to be spayed.  I didn't want to wear my dark dress pants and get hair all over them so I was in my painting jeans, the holey, too big, nappy, ugly jeans.  Of course after I leave the office I realize, I forgot my pants!!  Dressy on top, sloppy pig on bottom.  Luckily I did not have any appointments or I would have had to go out and buy dress pants!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Techy Kids

I have officially reached the age where I have caught myself saying, "back in my day...."  You know who I sound like?  My dad.  Growing up he would tell stories about walking 3 miles to school in feet deep snow, up hill, both ways, with holes in his boots because his family couldn't afford new boots.  I catch myself saying, "when I was your age, you know what we played?  Outside!"  Or "when I was your age I had to write all my school papers with a pencil and paper."  Or "There was no tv remote, I was the tv remote."  I had an Atari with dot matrix graphics - little triangles that shot dots to bring down the other triangular shaped alien craft all using the space bar.  Or Pong a white ball on black background that you just hit back and forth.  I did not have internet until I was pregnant with Taylor.  AOL, remember the "You've Got Mail" slogan?  I didn't have a cell phone until I was probably 26ish.  Today there are kids in elementary school, ELEMENTARY, with cell phones!!  What?  Some bring iPads to school, or gaming systems.  This is insane to me.  Last Christmas the girls got Kindles from Brendon and I.  In an attempt to get them reading more and off our cell phones.  And they love them.  They would be on them 24/7 if you'd let them.  Which we don't by the way.  A few weeks ago the kids were driving me crazy - everyone has cabin fever and it was a Saturday that I was trying to get some things done.  So I downloaded a free texting app for them to play with.  Well, oh my goodness have they had fun with that!  And in a way, I think it is great because it is helping them with spelling and I suppose finger typing is the wave of the future.  But I gotta tell you, texts from a seven year are pretty precious!  Like so precious I want to save them all.

Here are a few examples.  Copied word for word and with her spelling.  :)

8:30pm, on a night when mom (me) had a headache:

Ally:  What are you doing right now
Ally: How do you feel right now is your head ok I love you see you later  I'm in bed when will you be in please be good with your head.

Tonight, which provoked this post...All Ally, I never had time to respond!

-We're are you
-What are you doing
-When will you tuck me in
-I love you too the moon and back into now you feel the same about me to I love you so much I'm sorry about what I did when we went able to do family fun night
-I hope we get to snuggle good I love you so much too the moon in back in fact even more than you think I love you so much
-You make me happy when I look at your I feel like I'm a rockstar when I'm around you I love you so much

Six separate texts in the time it took me to tuck in Ella.

Ok, and this one is a little long but stinking hilarious!  Ally was texting Taylor using my phone.  It was one day after driver's ed and I was running carpool with Ella's after school group and running late to get Taylor.  So I asked Ally to text Taylor and tell her I would be 10 minutes late.  Well that was not the case and the entire time Taylor thought she was talking to me and that I was completely bonkers.

Ally, on my phone: Mom lid to me
Taylor: What?
Ally: Mom lied to me
Taylor: Sorry?
Ally:  I don't know why.
A: Mom never lied to me.
A: How you doing how are you feeling
Taylor: Who is this...?
Ally: I'm using the speaker
How was your day
Mom stink that learning
I was kidding mom does not
mommy she's awesome
Taylor: Oh.  It was horrible because of standing outside
Ally: mom has to read light turned green so good thank you so I'm off
Ari I'm using the speaker so it's not really working out well
Taylor: Wow mom....you sound like a robot
Ally: I love you I love you I love you Taylor I love you love you I love you honey yes I can sorry about that mom just asked me a question so what are you doing did you have fun today what did you do well what was your favorite part about today was a boring today or funny what you doing hi KKI said Taylor about that sorry about that sorry about that late all day what are you just going to be home where going to come pick you up okay bye bye Kenzie don't you know where you are going to come pick you up
To buy you have to ride in the trunk today
What are you doing you taking you forever to write a list when McKenzie
Babula Dubai
Taylor: What the heck mom

Ok, seriously that struck me as so funny that the first time I read I had tears!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Best Weekend Ever

Last weekend we had so much fun!!  Lately we have been busy with the houses and moving and fixing things and painting and being sick.  The weather has been awful so we haven't done much of anything in awhile!  Last weekend, Ally's extra choir sang the national anthem at the K-Wings Hockey Game.  The kids were so great!
The next morning the girls and I went for our first ever snow shoe walk at the Fish Hatchery.  It was a free program that they offered and it was lots of fun.  Luckily we had great weather for it!
 We learned about wildlife along the way
 My favorite!
During the hockey game the Wings scored a power play goal so everyone got free ice cream from Culvers!  Mmmm
Saturday night it was Ella's Father Daughter dance!  Hawaiian style!
We topped the weekend off with seeing Peter and The Wolf at the Kalamazoo Symphony!!  So much fun!!
During the Kids Series, if you go early, you can try out the instruments.  Ally was too shy but Ella jumped right in!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Annual Big Girls Little Girls Weekend

Every summer Elizabeth and I drive the girls down to Ohio to see our bestie from high school and her two girls.  This year Elizabeth was pregnant so Brandi drove up from Ohio, her mom still lives in my town and her and I drove to St. Joe to see Liz.We were hoping for a beach day but it was pretty chilly.  We went out for Pizza - on the beach - it was possibly the best pizza ever.  Wish I could remember the name of it, it is the pizza place right on Silver Beach.   Then we went swimming in their club pool and then it was off to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  This was the first year I didn't get any good pictures but here's a couple I managed to snap...
 Goofy and Goofy

Always Running Behind

Happy New Year!!  2015 is off and running already!  We had a truly great New Years!  Ella went to a friends house for a sleepover and Taylor was with a BOY.  Brendon, Ally and I went to our dear family friend's house like we do most years and we had such a great time.
This year was extra special because we are in the works of something huge!  We will have our house listed on the market by very early spring and then we will be buying my parents house!  All very exciting and wonderful news!!  Currently paying for two houses though is the downside.  But we hope to sell quick!  So as if I didn't have enough excuses to neglect this blog, now I have added cleaning, painting, moving, organizing and a billion other things to that list!
My husband said the sweetest thing the other night and I really wanted to share it.  Alyssa still likes to sleep with me and it's no longer the coming in at 6 am to snuggle sleep, since we have moved it's the 'must start out in mom's bed' kind of sleep. After a couple of weeks I insisted she sleep in her OWN room.  She has her own room now!  Of course she did not like that idea.  I insisted for 15 minutes she tries to stay in her room.  She cried the entire time and by the end she was so adorably pathetic I invited her in mine.  Sure enough as I am reading she curls up against me and falls asleep almost instantly.  Awhile later Brendon came in the room and I apologized and feeling exasperated I told him I didn't know what to do.  And you know what he said?  The sweetest thing ever.  He said, "Just enjoy it" and kissed me.  I love that man!