Thursday, February 4, 2016

A trip several years in the making

For years Michele and I have talked about going on a vacation for our 40th birthdays.  I gotta admit, I never thought we would actually be able to pull it off.  Last May I found an "awesome deal" through Cru Con Cruise Outlet and we decided to go for it!  We booked a 5 day, 4 night cruise to the Bahamas!!  Even better it was on the Norwegian Sky where they are doing a trial run of a 'all booze included' cruise!  Woot, woot!!  We went two days beforehand and spent the first full day in Key West.  It was quite a drive, but oh, so worth it!
Our hotel was two blocks off the Hollywood Beach Boulevard.  It was small but clean and had everything you needed, including a kitchen!
We found the shops that mom and I went to for my 35th birthday.  Now I forget what Key this was!  But it was one of the first ones.
We were very hungry by the time we got there so we stopped at Willie T's for lunch.  Check out all the dollars!  They were everywhere!
We had the best seats in the house and very generous rum punches.  Yum!
One of my favorite places - we had a drink here but it was quite crowded.
The one place I wanted to go to since I had never been there was Fort Zachary.  So glad we found it!  It is a beautiful hidden gem of a state park.
Then we rushed to Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration, beautiful!
One of the night entertainers, on unicycles, throwing knives and flames
We were back to the hotel by midnight.  I got up early the next morning to watch the sunset and it was amazing!
Then I walked a bit, down to Margaritaville to take a couple of pictures :)

We left our hotel by 9:30 to head on down to the cruise port!  More to follow!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Makings of a Mascot

Taylor took on the job of making the Mascot for the Robotics team this year - The Wired Cats.
Here is the Phase One Progress report.  More to follow.....
Sebastian could not figure out what was going on!
And in the press of the shutter - BOOM, a Pyr high five!!  Love you buddy!

Roller World Parties

Every class, 1st through 5th grade have Roller World parties.  Next year, Miss Ella will be entering Middle School....OMG, that is such an awful thought!!  So this was her last skating party.  I wish they would stop growing up!
Ella's BFF Helayna
Bryce is still her man...she says that someday they will be married and have just one child.  And worse yet, she wants to move away from me - at least a hour away, because that "is far but not too far mom!"
This was Ally's third party.  It was packed and she had a great time!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Yet Another One

Amazing what I am finding while cleaning off my soon to be old desktop computer.  This one is from 7/29/2009

Ella was repeatedly hitting herself in the head on the way to school and I told her to stop and she says, “But my mom – my head isn’t working!  It needs batteries but there is no room for batteries in there!”

40 Things About Alyssa for her 2nd Birthday!

1. Alyssa is very independent and headstrong.  “I want to do it myself!”
2. She is a little dare devil and not afraid of much.
3. She is a mommy’s girl
4. Ally likes to be rocked to sleep every night but if she wakes up she will ask for a kiss and a hug and go to sleep on her own after telling me she “wubs” me.
5. She has the most dramatic angry face I have ever seen.  She will scowl so deeply that her eye brows almost touch, bottom lip will stick out a mile and she will flap her arms hitting her sides.
6. Her favorite snack is raisins and grapes and is overall not a picky eater at all.
7. Baby dolls are her favorite toy.  And she loves putting them to bed or feeding them.
8. She does not like tv.  And will not even watch it for a minute.
9. She prefers books and coloring.
10. She loves to wear my shoes, carry my purses and put on my lotions.
11. She is very verbal and when asked to use her words she does.
12. Ally can sing her ABCs
13. Her favorite game is hide and seek
14. She is half heartedly potty training and will not use her “baby potty” anymore.  She will only sit on the big throne and without the baby seat insert.
15. Ally has wildly uncontrollable hair but she is finally letting me put ponies in and she will usually leave them in all day.
16. Hates having her hair washed but finally enjoys everything else about bath time.
17.  She is very afraid of yard sprinklers.
18. Yet she will climb up to the back of the couch and dive off.
19. She also loves making a mountainous pile of pillows on the floor at the end of my bed and will jump off the bed into them.
20. Alyssa makes me laugh every day.
21. She loves music and has a comical rump shaking dance.
22. Is especially laid back if Ella isn’t around.
23. When Ella is around she likes to push her buttons.
24.  She loves dogs and has no fear of them.
25. Ally is a sugar addict.  The girl loves her sweets.  Just like her momma.
26. She looks like her dad and Grandpa Frank calls her “Little Brendon” – to which she gets mad, makes her face and says “No Thank You!”
27.  Loves to do crooked summersaults
28. She also loves to copycat her older sisters and me. 
29. Her favorite non-favored expression is “Crap!”
30. She has no fear of bugs and will pick them up with her hands and step on them with her bare feet.
31. Has the ability to change her mind in a split second, and does so often.
32. Will only drink milk when she is relaxing in my lap.
33. Can open doors and get into just about anything
34. Loves picking beautiful dandelions for her mom
35. Ally prefers being barefoot unless she is in a princess dress, then she requires “princess shoes”
36. Loves wearing hats and looks so darn cute in them!
37. Will almost always turn her head in refusal when you try to get a picture of her. 
38. She will ask you to reread the same book over and over.
39. Ally could rupture an ear drum with her high pitched shrieks.  Usually done out of sheer joy.

40. Has completed our family and we are so lucky she’s ours.

Another Old Memo

I just found another one - the girls would have 2 and 4.  Hahhaa!!

Ella -

“Mom, I don’t love this shirt! – I need a new one”

Ally –

“where’s the moon?”  ‘It went down when the sun came up’ – “NO mommy – the moon is with the cows!”  (no cow or moon in sight!)

“me do it!”

“I not stinker butt!  I Ally and Alyssa!”


Ella wearing her fancy ballerina (recital) dress says – “Mom I am beautiful!”  I agreed and she said, “Yep, you and daddy made me cute!”

An Old Memo

While cleaning out my computer - I found these old "Kids Sayings" from Taylor at ages 3.5 and 6.  They make me smile!  To think that she will be 18 next month is unbelievable!

Age 3 ½ - Tay was afraid to eat too much thinking that it would stretch her next out like a giraffe.

April 2004 – To the Song, Thank God I am a country boy.
Taylor was singing “Thank God, I am a cookie jar!”

April 2004 – I was just getting out of the shower, and she is screaming, “MOM”, I come rushing out, and she says, “mom, it is a miracle”…”A miracle mom”  she pulls back the curtain and says, “see the cloud is orange, Jesus lives on that cloud!”

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rusty and Layla

Our last foster was Rusty.  He was surrendered by an old friend who had fallen on very hard times.  Rusty is a very smart dog!  He was super snuggly, yet loved to play.  Knew his basic commands and would ring a bell to go potty.  He was adopted within a week!  Such a cutie pie!
Last night, a friend had called - and a friend of hers had found a dog on the highway the night before.  Poor girl was nearly hit several times.  She was not able to hold the dog so I took her in.  She is a sweetheart.  Appears house broken.  Spayed and knows her commands, so she must belong to someone (unless she was dumped).   So I will hold her the mandatory 10 days and see what happens.
Alyssa read some of her bible to her last night...

Look at that tongue!  We are calling her Layla :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Our first Christmas in our new house.  Our first Christmas with a sad, plastic, FAKE tree.  Yes, I cried a little and missed the pine smell.  I guess it was easier and no mess but is so tiny nothing fits under the tree.  And there is not mantel for the stockings so we had to improvise.  Santa always brings shiny gold packages
They were so patient.  I asked them not to wake me until 7am.  Well Ella woke me at 2:36 when she was trying to wake Alyssa.  They were all up by 6 but waited for be when I got out of bed at 6:59.
All sporting their Christmas Eve pajamas.
Santa left them Chicken Poop lip balm!  What?!
Shopkins are all the rage right now.  Santa knew what they wanted!
Bracelet that says "Never stop dreaming"
Sebastian got a dinosaur bone!  Ha!!  He loved it, can you tell?  Sophie got a lizard sized bone but she didn't like it.  Boo!
Sporting new outfits
And I was stubborn, I didn't change out of my pajamas.    At least Sebastian is smiling.  Sophie was still in bed!
The crowd favorite game was Mustache Smash.  I gotta tell you, we took this game very seriously.  The were accusations of cheating flying around and a few squished fingers! Super fun though!

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve was spent with my brother's family.  We had so much fun!  Jason made killer drinks, wish I could remember what he called them.  I've always called them Mud Chuck Clyde but he had a different name.  (Baileys, Kahlua and Vodka on ice)  We had yummy snack and lots of Christmas cookies!
Savannah was extra snuggly and she never lets me touch her.  So I was blown away when she let me hold her and snuggle on her.  I need to post this picture on my refrigerator.  For two reasons - #1 she is the cutest thing ever!!  #2 I have gained 20 pounds.  And there is nothing like seeing a picture of yourself  to make you realize just how bad it is.
Uncle Jason with the oldest goofball
Uncle Brendon played music for us.  Sydney was hilarious, with her "!, 2, 3, 4 - Hit it Uncle Brendon!"  Of course getting her to sit for a picture with her uncle was impossible.    But Ally will pose every time.
Kelli sporting her ugly Christmas sweater from 1994!
I could eat her, seriously - she is soooooo adorable!!
Our girls!  Of course Savannah is always moving so she was blurry in every group photo I took.  Stinker pants!