Tuesday, October 20, 2015

First Day of School....

....Ok, it was 6 weeks ago!!
 Taylor's friend and ride every morning and afternoon, Austin.  He was thrilled that I asked him to get in the picture! :)

A Funny

Last night Alyssa was very mad at her dad.  I usually let her listen to music for a few minutes before bed but last night it was very much past bedtime and he told her "no music."  You would have thought he threw out her entire stuffed animal collection by the way she was screaming.  Absolute bloody murder.  And she would not calm down!  It went on for about a half hour.  She still sleeps with me but she refused because she did not want to be where dad was.  Before I went to bed, this was how I found her.  Cracked me up!!
This morning I drove both the girls to school and they were imitating dad.  "Where's the remote?  Rub my back?  Can you bring me my iPad?"  Etc.  I giggled then asked, 'What do I say?'  Ally says, "Well sometimes you say, I want a cookie!"  Ella said, "You mostly just say, 'I love you punky!'  Sometimes you say,'brush your teeth!'  But usually just I love you!  While that is super cute and adorable, it goes to show that I am right when I say they don't listen to me!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Kids Say

I haven't been keeping good notes lately.  But I do have a couple that I wrote down and they crack me up!!

* Ella has recently started to ride the high school bus in the morning.  It is dark when it comes because it is so early.  Taylor has been a very kind big sister and is riding the bus with her. :)  Ella was telling me she loved riding the high school bus.  I asked her why and she says, "The bus is a party on the outside and quiet on the inside."  I asked her why and she said it was because of all the flashing lights.  Goofy - I explained that the later bus did the same thing but you couldn't see it as well in the daylight.  She now calls her ride 'The Party Bus'.

* Alyssa was telling her dad how our bodies swallow food and create saliva.  I missed most of the conversation but I heard her telling him about the 'hangy downy punching bag in the back of your throat'.  I asked, "Your Uvula?"  She says, "I don't know it looks like a punching bag!"

*Ally one day - "Mom are there flies in my body?"  'No, why?'  Ally: "Maybe they are the constructions workers of my imagination!"

Ella came out of her room one morning wearing her bra.  Ally looks at her and asks, "Why are you wearing that?"  Ella, "To hide my boobs!"  Ally, "You don't have boobs!  Mom has boobs.  You have buds and I have pancakes."  Ella, "Well enjoy those pancakes because it's no fun when they bud!"

My Dogs

So I have signed up for a photography class and I have learned nothing so far.  It soooo over my head.  Or maybe my head is just too full for new information.  Whatever it is, I don't get it.  I will keep practicing but here are some shots of my poochies, that are too dark or not in focus.  Maybe I need stiller subjects!
 We love this boy soooo much!!
 Our foster, Zoey and her extra long tongue!  She is getting adopted tomorrow!!
 Merle is the one I pulled from Animal Control.  He is having so signs of fear and anxiety so we have him in training.
 Our baby is aging....look her teeth are like little niblets of corn!
 Sebastian is a digger!  He has craters under the deck!  The other two enjoy the holes too.  Grrr....

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This girl has been with us for over two weeks now.  She was found as a stray in a bad neighborhood.  She was never claimed so I have gotten her spayed, vetted, chipped and ready to go!  She has a tremendous amount of puppy energy but she is so very sweet.  It is amazing how much she has learned in the last two weeks.  I will miss our dear Zoey girl when she goes.
Just over a week ago, I got an email that the Calhoun County AC (Animal Control) and they had several they were going to PTS (Put to sleep) at 6pm.  We received a list of highly adoptable yet critical dogs.  On that list was a Pyrenees/Collie mix!  With cautious permission from Brendon I raced to Battle Creek after work. I arrived at 20 minutes to 6!  I did a super fast evaluation and pulled a dog name Azul, later we changed it to Merle.
Another volunteer begged me to pull a tiny Chihuahua mix, Felicia.  
Which of course I did. Later that night, she backed out of taking Felicia and I found myself with two new dogs in our garage.  I am still amazed that I did not literally end up in the dog house with my family.We had Felicia for six days before I had another volunteer offer to foster her.  Merle is still in our garage, but we let him play in the yard with Sebastian and Zoey every night.  Zoey ripped out the stitches from her spay and had to have them put back in Sunday in the Animal Hospital.  So trying to keep her limited but making sure the other two get their exercise - it has been frustrating and time consuming to say the least.  But it is worth every inconvenient moment!  Love these guys!  

Monday, August 17, 2015

VBS - Action Day Camp

This year was the second year the girls did the Action Day Camp at Berean.  They had a blast!!  Field trips every day and lots of new friends!  So proud of these girls for being fired up for the Lord!

Catching Up and Meeting Sebastian

Once again, I have found myself very far behind!  It doesn't help that I can't load the photos from my phone to my computer for some reason, so I am sending them manually by email.  We haven't replaced the laptop that died a year ago so that is another hindrance.

This weekend was great fun!  Brandi was in town and we took the girls out to lunch.  Later she came over and was able to stay for quite awhile.  It was so good to see her and catch up with her.  Being around her makes me realize how much I miss her.
Michele came over the same day to make a pie with Ella.  Ella had asked Michele to show her how to make pie as a birthday gift.  What an amazing gift Michele has!  This girl can bake!!  I couldn't even get a photo because the apple pie disappeared almost immediately.  She also made peach/cherry cobbler - it was delicious!  She could put Grand Traverse Pie Co out of business!  So blessed to have this girl as my best friend!
Last weekend the girls and I went to Pennsylvania to see my friend Jen and meet her family!  We had an amazing time!  The weekend went by way too fast, but we enjoyed every minute of it.  We left Thursday morning and drove near Cleveland to visit the Cuyahooga National Park.  We went to Brandywine Falls and we did The Ledges Hike.  It was absolutely beautiful!!
Brandywine Falls:
 This was a very easy walk to get to.  I could have listened to it for half a day!
The Ledges Hike:
 Unfortunately it was muggy and humid so my lens was foggy and all of my photos were blurry.  This was the entrance to the Bat Cave, but it is closed because all of the bats were dying from human diseases.  
The next day we were up and ready to head to Jen's house (near Harrisburg)
Miss Allster ready to go:
We arrived at Jen's about 4pm, we talked and ate and drank and played with her animals - and it was seriously like we have been friends forever.  Everyone got along, everyone was comfortable and it was just amazing to spend time with her and to meet her family.  They are all wonderful.  Very fun, kind, & down to earth.  Sure wish we lived closer than the 11 hours it took to drive home!!
 Alyssa has never really been around horses,but after a short ride, she was ready to become a cow girl!  She offered me all of her birthday and tooth fairy money in exchange for a horse!  
 Trying elderberries for the first time
 Ella liked riding too but wasn't quite as comfortable, she is my cautious one.
 Taylor loved being around the horses.  This one is Smoke.  She helped with stalls and feeding time, brushing, etc.  I think she could have slept in the barn if we let her!
 It was very windy and this was taken from the ground, so we really do not have three chins in real life!!  But I love this girl!  She totally gets me and understands me, and in spite of it all, still loves me!
Now on to our foster dogs...After Tilly was adopted we went to Pennsylvania for a long weekend so we were not able to get another foster for a few days.  It sure was quiet!  We went five days without a foster, I think that is the longest since we started!  I picked up Baxter on a Monday night - that ended up being the craziest night ever!  I took Taylor to McDonald's for orientation paperwork - she finally got a job!!  We found out that she would be starting the very next day!!  So we had to go shopping for pants and shoes. 
Yeah, Tay!!
 About 8pm I picked up Baxter from the kennel.  On the way home I called Brendon and he told me that we were getting Sebastian in about a half hour!!  Sebastian is a 'pocket size' (think Jolly Green Giant sized pocket) Great Pyrenees.  We had been talking about him for 2-3 weeks.  It was his co-worker's son's dog that had to be surrendered due to family circumstances.  I was very excited to foster him....Brendon was very excited to keep him!   We agreed that I would still keep fostering and we would keep Sebastian.  So here, I bring home the new foster who is very scared.  He'd been in a kennel for over two weeks and he shook the entire time - poor guy.  I get him in the house to find out that there is a hummingbird trapped in the garage.  So Brendon and I are out there waving around red books and blankets trying to get the little bird out the door.  We are out there dancing around and talking to it like crazy people.  Right before I got home, Ella had taken a terrible fall off her scooter and tore her knee open.  So she is a mess.  
We are sweating from our hummingbird dance and here the people pull in to hand us over their baby.  About 9:30/10pm we come in the house to introduce the two boys, which was nerve-racking but it went well!   So meet out new foster Baxter, a three year old Cocker Spaniel who is super cool, laid back, yet playful and follows me everywhere - he even cries/howls when I leave the room!
 He's a fist class begger!
 So sweet!
And finally, meet our new boy....Sebastian!!!!
He seriously such a cool dude!  Last night he hugged me.  Like a REAL "Abby" hug.  I already loved him, but in that very moment, I knew he was meant to be ours.  Sophie is a little miffed, but they get along.  And you should see the looks I get when I walk the two of them together!  I think they will be great friends, or at least Sebastian will think so, and Sophie will tolerate him.  Love our boy already!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quick Photo

I found this photo taken by Dunn Photography from the Mud Run and I just love it.  It shows you a part of the course, towards the end that was the most fun.  After all the hard stuff, the sticky, get stuck, crying kids stuff, this was fun!  The tubes at the far left are slides, you slide into a mud swamp, wade through it to go up the hill to the next slide to into yet another mud pit.  The the tire run, then through tires.  After that was another swamp with barrels that you had to climb over.  Ella took one look at this and refused to do it.  The first pit was maybe waist high on little kids and some went under shooting out of the slide.  So Ella watched from above.  But Ally tore through it and kicked my butt!!  I wish I had a picture of her smile as she was going through this!

Annual Girls Get Together Weekend

This year we headed to St. Joe for our annual Girl Get Away Weekend.  We were missing a girl; Elle had an All Star softball tournament so we missed her!  Brandi and Alia drove to our house - after lunch we drove to St. Joe.  We hung out at Elizabeth's for awhile and then decided to to out for pizza and the beach.  There was a 2.5 hour wait at the pizza place!  So we put our name in and hit the beach.  After about a hour we decided we would dry off, change and maybe go to the playground.  Well in that moment, we received a text saying that we had five minutes to claim our table!  We were a good 7 minutes away and with 5 sandy wet girls and a baby!!  Brandi took off running to the pizzeria while Elizabeth and I ran the kids, stroller and wagon to her car.  We made a towel circle, threw them all in the middle and were hastily brushing off sand an hollering to get dressed!!  We must have looked crazy!  I think it only took us 90 seconds - yes we are that good!  And off we started running to the restaurant.  Luckily we got there before they made us give our table back.  Silver Beach Pizza is the best, so everyone was happy!!
Bridget, Alia, Amelia, Ella and Alyssa
 Thinking on her goatee
 "I mustache you a question.."
 The Lorax
 Trying a deep fried pickle
 Baby Connor...poor boy!